Rachel Zoe Just Released Her First Fragrance Line

Yesterday, Rachel Zoe took to Instagram to announce the launch of her first fragrance line and we couldn’t be more excited for these beautiful glass vials to make their way into our collection. The 48-year-old’s inspiration behind the fabulous collection? The strength and power of womanhood.

“These fragrances were inspired by the extraordinary women in my life and compliment the strong yet feminine side in all of us,” says Zoe. “I truly believe all women are warriors of their own lives.

The limited-edition launch features the Discovery Set ($40), which includes four travel-size scents: Warrior, Empowered, Instinct, and Fearless. However, the fashion icon hinted that full individual sizes are coming soon. In the meantime, this collection is the perfect gift for the fragrance lover in your life.

According to WWD, Zoe applies fragrance regularly. “I approach fragrance similarly to how I approach styling,” she says. “I choose my fragrance based on my mood and where I’m going and what I’m doing.”

We don’t know for sure what the fragrances smell like, but the designer may have given us a clue in an interview back in August. When speaking about where she feels the most beautiful, the answer was easy. “I feel most beautiful when I’m by the ocean. I love having a subtle tan and salty beach hair.” While the beach might not be as accessible these days, we can only hope Zoe has channeled her favorite place into at least one of these scents.

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